Lets Design a Resume








Here are some tips for a great resume.

Dare to design. While resume templates may be fine for other lines of work, creative directors, art directors and in-house managers are looking for a sneak peek at your design and layout skills. They’ll be paying close attention to how you use typography, visual elements and white space.

Show off your brand. Your resume is a key marketing vehicle and it needs to convey your unique personal brand or style. In fact, your cover letter, resume and portfolio should work as a package to communicate the image you want to project. In short, cohesive branding matters.

Prioritize readability. Whether you’ve designed your resume in a traditional format or as an infographic, readability should be a top priority. If your resume lacks flow or if a trusted friend finds it confusing, you may need to simplify your design.

Take care with color. If you choose to use color on your resume, make sure it enhances the content rather than getting in the way of it.

Consider stock options. When submitting a paper resume, choose a quality paper stock that’s appropriate for your design.

Source Credit: Sarah Whitman-The Creative Group

Full Article here: https://www.roberthalf.com/creativegroup/blog/the-ultimate-graphic-design-resume-tip-sheet